Fitness Frenzy Couples Training

Couples Training

These training sessions are based on any two people's similar goals. Losing weight, toning up, getting ready for a competition, or staying in shape, whatever the goal may be couples, mother/daughter, father/son, sisters, brothers and/or friends will find that training together gives all the benefits of one on one sessions while being able to share the costs. Groups of 3+ are available upon request (pricing changes based on number of participants).

Clients in Couples Training are encouraged to work together to provide extra motivation to each other in a positive manner, build healthy bodies and strong relationships.

Team Players

$ 406
Per Month*
  • 1 Personal Training Session Per Week
    ($90 / session)

Dream Team

$ 768
Per Month*
  • 2 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
    ($85 / session)

Dynamic Duo

$ 1084
Per Month*
  • 3 Personal Training Sessions Per Week
    ($80 / session)

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