Fitness Frenzy offers a private training studio in the Heritage Place Mall at 1040 Division St. Cobourg. We strive to provide a place where you will feel like family. Where you are not just a number, and we show you that we genuinely care about your well-being. Our facility is a non-judgement gym where you can test your limits and grow.


Complimentary shower so you can get back to your busy life events after your training sessions. We also offer a towel service and complimentary shampoo and soap, so you do not have to worry about yucky odours or messy spills coming from your gym bag, and indeed your life doesn't need to be complicated with an overstuffed bag and more things to remember.


We have cubbies for you to use daily or ongoing to store your possessions in while you are training, which is free of charge. We also keep some essential workout items on hand if you have forgotten something, just ask.


Our tidy facility uses ENJO cleaning products on all of our equipment which is a completely chemical free method of cleaning that is six times more hygienic then traditional cleaning methods.


Our Facility is wheelchair accessible, and we welcome service animals.


Our studio is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter to create optimal temperatures. Ensuring the safety and comfort of our clients (Too cold and muscles can tear and to warm and the body can't function optimally).


Fitness Frenzy offers a variety of equipment with which to work. We have treadmills, bikes, smith machine, leg press, leg extension and curl machine, TRX suspension system, lat pull down and row machine, cable machine, a full set of dumbbells and Olympic weights and a variety of bars and accessories. Fitness Frenzy also has a variety of other tools for functional training such as foam rollers, balance boards, bands, agility balls, Swiss balls in a variety of sizes, balance balls, Bosu balls, boxing gloves, punch mitts, and more.

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1040 Division St. Cobourg Unit #10


We will contact you and meet in person to assess your personal fitness and holistic needs.

No obligation. First consultation is free. Find out how we can help improve your life.

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