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Laraine T Says;

“We started off with soup cans and a counter top and I’ve lost 40 pounds to far. She knows how to push me but not too far that I hurt myself. She always accommodates my crazy times. She saved me from depression when I wouldn’t go to her, she came to me. She’s very encouraging and makes me feel like family. I love her because she’s not like any other trainer.”

Trish R Says;

“Becky is innovative, firm, yet understanding and looking out for my general well being. Because of her guidance I have kept in great shape. Overall she is the best trainer I have ever had and I recommend her regularly as a personal trainer. The gym hours are flexible, it is clean, well organized and central.”

Kari P Says;

“My husband and I started training at our house in the summer. Mostly for him because my job is very physically active. I thought it would ease him into thinking about a healthier lifestyle as well as being an activity we could do together. We began our weekly sessions(ass-kickings) in July and I had no clear goals in mind other than time with my husband. It was tons of fun and really helped us become a team as we took on other projects together. In the beginning of October we decided to start taking measurements to chart our progress. All of a sudden people started saying how great I looked so I asked Becky to measure me again. At the end of October I was stunned to discover I had lost 2 inches off my hips, 1/4 inch off my calves and gained 1/4 inch of muscle on my arms. The training sessions are challenging, I strain and I am stiff afterwards but the things I am accomplishing astound me-I can do push ups, I’ve dropped a pant size, my energy level is incredible and the bonus of doing this with my husband- we have a deeper bond and a deeper respect for each other- this carries over into our marriage undoubtedly. As much as we swear and complain and work we love the results and accomplishments. Becky is a wonderful trainer and works with us supporting us guiding us and challenging us every week. We get nervous every week day wondering what new challenge she’ll present, but I trust she will support me to meet that challenge as well. I can’t imagine a week without her.”