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What an amazing year 2015 was. We set goals, and reached them, pounds were lost, inches were lost more. Feelings of energy and empowerment were realized. I am so truly thankful to be a part of so many amazing journeys! I forsee 2016 being even better! Our clients are well on their way to smashing new goals, I think I’ve had more people focused on staying the course over the holidays, then ever before and the hard work is paying off! Congratulations to my current clients, and I welcome the new ones. If your feeling intimidated, don’t we are one big family, and you are welcome here!

New Year, New You and New for us is 

– a shiny new location for our Cobourg Studio 1040 Division St. Unit #10

– a mobile service for Peterborough and surrounding areas.

– a completion of advanced training with the Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology Institute

– many other new events and promotions along the waymotivation10

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Ok folks, its almost that time again, when the kids go back to school and routines come back into play. If you have recently gotten off track with your training there is no better time to start back into things then now. Get back to your routine with some help from us! We will show you how to make the most of your time and how to successfully reach your goals. If your going to invest your money into something, why not into you! You deserve it and to sweeten the deal Trainer Brandy is offering 25% OFF on her training packages. So come in meet our newest trainer, and visit our private and completely non-judgmental atmosphere today! We look forward to seeing you in September.

The best way to lose weight is NOT to cut calories!

When we eat too little, our body believes that it’s starving so our metabolism slows down and holds onto fat as a potential energy source.” A much better approach: Eat more often, but eat less food at one time

Is your New Years resolution going to be losing weight? Or leading a healthy lifestyle? Act now and get $50 off if you purchase before Dec 31st. That’s a free session!! Limited time so don’t delay.

The Seven Cs of Successful Change
Taking charge of your health and your life
Many of us want to make changes in our habits. Sometimes it’s a New Year’s resolution;
sometimes it’s advice from the doctor. Sometimes it’s just a desire to be stronger or have more
energy. We want to eat better and be more active, but we don’t always know how to make the
necessary changes. Taking some time to consider these seven “C’s” of change may help you
understand how to get from where you are now – to where you want to be.
1. Caring enough to treat your body really well.
Caring about yourself is essential for making any behavior change. Self-care is not selfish – it is
what we have to do in order to stop doing one thing and start doing another. Taking good care of
yourself also helps you be in better shape to take care of those around you.
2. Choice to take small steps in a new direction.
Change is all about making choices. It is making the choice to do one thing (like taking a walk)
rather than another (like watching TV). It doesn’t mean that you have to give up all television
programs. It just means that sometimes you make the choice to be more active.
3. Creativity to find a variety of food and fitness options.
The world is filled with stressful situations that can get in the way of our plans to eat well or to
be active. The key is to stay calm and to brainstorm a variety of possible solutions. If you are
out of fresh produce, you can still enjoy some canned fruit or frozen vegetables.
4. Courage for new adventures and everyday challenges.
There is no way around it. It takes courage to make a change. There are many ways to find the
courage you need. You can discuss your struggles with friends or family; read inspiring stories
about people who have made difficult changes; or find strength in faith and prayer.
5. Comfort through tough times with relaxation (or even pampering).
Change is hard work and can be stressful even when it is a positive change. When you are trying
to do things differently, you need to rest and recharge your internal batteries. Take time to
read a book, to take a nap, to play with the kids or just to do nothing for a while.
6. Confidence to take risks and to make normal mistakes.
Optimistic people are generally healthier than pessimistic people. Being confident that you can
make positive changes is at least half the battle. Sometimes it helps to make a list of all the
changes you have already made,like eating more whole grains or drinking less soda.
7. Celebration of the progress toward a strong and healthy you.
Rewards and celebrations are an important part of successful change (think about why we
celebrate graduations or job promotions). Give yourself plenty of pats on the back just for
moving a step closer to your goal. Gold stars on the calendar aren’t just for kids anymore!


Taken from   Adapted by the NC NET Program from Eat Right Montana materials

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